Tree Trimming in Culver City since 1987

Welcome to Culver Tree and Trash! Since 1987 Culver Tree and Trash has been providing professional tree trimming and tree removal services in Culver City and surrounding area's in Los Angeles. With 33 years of combined experience in the tree trimming, landscaping and gardening business, the owner John Liechty has been providing valuable services for the care and maintenance of virtually any type of tree, shrubbery or lawn.

For the better part of his adult life, Mr. Liechty has been an avid and devoted student of plants and tree's and their diseases. Tree's are his business, and his formidable knowledge in this field enables him to help countless members of the Culver City community with tree trimming problems. John will trim any tree regardless of tree type or size. Regular maintenance is available and highly recommended.

Benefits of regular tree trimming include:

  1. Prevent fungus by Removing dead or diseased limbs and branches which will eventually cause decay.
  2. Thin out the crown or canopy of the tree for increased air circulation and direct sunlight.
  3. Enjoy the aesthetics of a well sculpted tree.
  4. Prevent tree from growing too tall or wide and becoming a safety hazard.

Call us and set up a regular and inexpensive tree maintenance schedule

Tree Removal

Culver Tree and Trash also provides Tree Removal services in Los Angeles. We'll cut down any tree, any size in manageable sections and haul it away safely. Tree removal projects are done quickly and efficiently with safety our main concern. We'll clean and tidy up the area thoroughly and never leave a mess. Culver Tree and Trash also provides junk removal services.

Tree Stump Removal

Besides Tree Trimming and tree removal, Culver Tree and Trash provides many other tree services. Another popular service we offer is tree stump removal. Due to the myriad of problems tree stumps and a large root system can cause, we get a great many requests for this service.

We'll dig out the tree stump and central root system and remove them completely and permanently, making sure not to damage any existing water or gas lines. All debris will be hauled away. Custom projects are available upon request. Culver Tree and Trash also provides regular yard care services. Visit our Services page for a complete listing of all the many tree services we provide.

Independently owned and operated, Culver Tree and Trash places a high premium on customer care, and support is given without question. We urge our customers to call at any time with questions or concerns. If you have a tree problem, we have an answer.

Call for a free estimate and consultation. Our rates are extremely affordable.

ALL SENIOR CITIZENS receive a 10% discount. Our way of saying THANKS!

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